Coloured Eve

24 Dec


I read an article about Christmas and nostalgia this week. Through examples of marketing, the writer cited (almost) faux nostalgia as the one element that sold Christmas to the masses year after year. I read and understood the angle. Nostalgia gets most of us at some point. I realised that the nostalgic feeling washes over me every December. Particularly potent in the past few years. But I discovered that this nostalgia comes only from the experience of Christmas. The expectation of seeing loved ones, knowing that nothing can interrupt the flow of conversation and merriment. We are entitled to this time together.
The fan in the garden made me think of the many faces of a family. The personalities, the familiarities, the opinions, all the different ‘colours’ that make up the nostalgia of a family Christmas.
Another use of ‘ColourSplash’ but it seemed suitable.
Sleep well…

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