The Unique

14 Dec


Our profession is so personalised. Many days, hours, minutes are spent expending mental energy on guiding young people. When it all ends at the completion of a year, as much as one wants to discard everything and break free, you take something with you. It is dwelled upon, those little people leave a lasting effect, however small or large. It can’t be shaken. If it can, part of me envies that person.
I spent a relatively short time in a different country once. The length of a semester, perhaps a bit longer. The day I left I cried in the arms of new friends. Whatever the times we shared, it was imprinted on us because of the frequency of our meetings.
Teaching is like that. What do we leave with a child when they move on to a new year and a new teacher? Do they really feel any sense of change? Or do they simply move on, like you move to the next cashier at a store? As much as I want to discard, I will dwell. All accumulated through five days of almost every week.
The unique in this year’s crew has been refreshing. Wrestling Santa summed it up for me today…

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