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A Year Fades…


I took the first picture of my Posterous series in the garden on February 1st. I’ve taken the last of the series from the edge of my garden, watching the world rush past. Pushing and shoving their way to organised frivolity. No pause for breath. The only hesitation being for a bumper bar in front that slows the frenetic pace for a second.
And so a strange and unsettled year comes to a subdued close. I’m not sure what to make of 2011 yet. It may come to me somewhere down the road.
I was never fussed about the ‘365 day’ challenge. My task was to start and finish on the dates I chose from the beginning. I’ve done that. It has been fun, illuminating, satisfying, frustrating, challenging and cathartic from beginning to end. I didn’t think it would be what it has been.
I will now take a break for January 2012 and think about what the next challenge will be.
In no major order, thank you to ATD, mrpbps, Mum, AJK, Alannah King, Jo Fothergill, Nigel Holloway, the Mason family, Tara TJ, Barb Reid, Michael Fawcett, Jad, Dad, Pete L, Mel Cashen, Kathleen M, Kelly J, Kim Yeomans, Jo D, Bernadette D, Rae B, Hayden, Matt H, Jinn James, Abbey L, Laura, Maree K, Dave Hopps, Claire B, Lavars, Mel H, The Lynch, Alex F, Watto, Tim Mc, Marcelle, Cara & Luke, Leah W, Katie M, Paul M, Leigh M, Amy & Luke, James Crabtree, Tracey Frigo, Marsha, Lois S, The PE Planning Daily, Sam I, Kieran Coyle, Joseph Quigley, Wayne & Jo, Heath Mc, Glen S, Laurel, Tessa, Blanche, Pella World, Lauren & Locky, Nick P, Sarah J, Nicole L, Belinda Mc, Brendan Vanderkley, Hilary F, Jenny Ashby, Loretta D, Rhianna, Andy W, Ezekiel Ox, Claire J, Ellen C, Jodie K, Judith Way, Fiona McDonald, Helen Otway & the Posterous people for being so quick to reply to questions. If I have missed you, my apologies. All of you have shown an interest along the way by liking an entry, leaving a valued comment, bringing it up in a conversation or quietly perusing for yourselves. It was all very kind.
Fare thee well for now…


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Tree Total


Today I wandered about some trees that had been planted in my lifetime. The type that stood tall and gave much shade. What would it be like to contribute to the future in such a way? To plant a tree that could stand for much longer than your time here? Something that would give enjoyment and shade to another person that you may never meet…somewhere in the future?

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A Choice Of Happy Repetition


Today was a small respite from the festive onslaught. One of those days where you realise that you are entitled to return to the couch and catch up on something good for the soul. It ranged from diving back into an unfinished novel to watching test cricket. Reading some more to taking in a documentary on iView. At one point, sitting quietly and watching the sun creep across the floor with no sound was all that was needed.
DoodleCam and Strip Design helped describe this day in a visual sense.

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Deceiving Distance


Perfect, cool summer’s day and nice to hit a course for the first time in a while. Lots of other humans had the same idea. My mate and I were held up at times. This had its benefits as it made us realise that we were smacking a good ball for the most part.
Golf courses are still great places to be. A fine piece of the earth to relax, catch up with friends, have a cold drink…and whack some white balls.

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Third Dimension Theories


We took a small trip to the cinema for the first time in over twelve months today. After a nervous build up, seeing Tintin come to life was worth it.
Tickets were purchased online and I held out my iPhone to the usher upon arrival, who scanned the QR code I’d been sent. A nice and efficient way to begin the experience. Yet we had to retreat and pick up a pair of 3D glasses each from the ticket office. I just figured that after all these years, 3D viewing would be more than slipping plastic glasses over your prescription specs. Perhaps I’m expecting too much. The effect was very good but I do recall wearing 3D glasses at a show when I was a young lad.
I look forward to 4D but perhaps not the shared hangover with Captain Haddock…
I added some more to the image in PhotoToaster.


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Festive Fever


It feels like the proper festive celebration when an array of Santas smile back at you from the toilet paper. And I write that with a genuine tone. I don’t care for the history or the religious connotations on this day; it’s about saying I have time to sit with my people.
Gotta love those Santas though…

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A Gift Of Focus


A new Christmas day. An auction. A gift of potential riches. Everyone needs an oil change from time to time… Merry Christmas.

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