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Product Enforcement


It’s time again for another perusal of the supermarket conglomerate. I really wish that I could avoid visiting these places each week. Others have done it before me, it is possible. But the busier life becomes, the more efficient humans make all their regular errands.
As I headed from one end of the store to the self serve check out, there was a continuous bombardment of products on ‘sale’. Most are piled high on a jutting shelf or appear precariously in front of you, almost blocking the path. It cannot be escaped as you stand at the checkout. As I stepped towards the register, this gigantic box of pathetic Hawaiian style plastic cups seemed to materialise before me. Such a waste and such a pointless item.
Everything is shoved in our face. It is shameless and too many are caught in its grip. Thankfully…not me.


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Looking Back…


My aim has always been not to put myself in a shot. But today the opportunity that presented itself was an exception. Although I do not think it counts as you have to look hard for a man subtly taking a pic with his iPhone.
I took note of other people today as I used public transport to get to and from Melbourne for work. It is quite interesting watching the range of individuals embarking and disembarking, wondering what their story is.
This is what I saw: a girl bent over her phone for an entire half hour journey, a fidgety man who changed seats three times in almost three minutes, two male strangers sharing a wry smile as the man changed seats, a large man reading an e-book on his iPad for an hour, a woman helping a young mother carry her pram with child on to the train and checking she was settled before she found her own seat, a middle aged man speaking loudly on a mobile phone and gesticulating with his hands. As I sat near the big screen I heard an old lady complaining into a phone about misinterpreted directions to the train station. And there I sat for a time. Humanity…


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Forever Drip

With so much rain over the weekend, everything still appeared damp and soggy today. Silt and soil had woven interesting patterns on the concrete areas at school. A lone drip continued to fall from the corner spout of my house. Capturing the spill of each drop was too difficult to time with a photograph, so I revisited the ‘Silent Film Director’ app. But as always, a photo was needed for the entry. Running water seemed appropriate. For any concerned Victorians, I only had the tap running for five seconds…

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Motor Icicle


Today’s entry was not what I expected it to be, in more ways than one. My prediction was a steam train engine as I watched the man chisel and chainsaw the ice block. It also seemed an odd choice of sideshow at a music festival that was finally receiving some much loved sunlight.
A question for any readers out there: what is the element within the ice that allows it not to melt rapidly?

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Soul Over Rain


Many opportunities for pictures today albeit soggy examples. One does not understand the complete spirit of music enthusiasts without experiencing a day like today under the tyranny of Mother Nature. Yet the conditions added something to the feelings being conjured and offered by the artists. An almost tribal sense of being together and lucky to be here on this day, at this time.
Standing under the large, white ceiling and turning back became a regular part of my day as I watched the weather unfold along with the soundtrack. The yellow glow of the blimp-like lamp took my eye as a small sign of dry warmth amongst the saturation.

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The Festival’s Beacon


It doesn’t take long to blend into a music festival. There is a different vibe when amongst music lovers.
The real lighthouse was nearby, steering any stray freighters away while the bollard versions guided us to the right tunes.

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Natural Odours


I understand that the naturopath offers alternative forms of healing and medicine. But I was unaware of the many other products that could be purchased. Fresh purple carrot juice, organic toothpaste, environmentally friendly deodorant and fruit-smelling soaps.
I used the ‘100 Cameras’ app and chose the filter appropriately named ‘When I was dirty and you laughed’. I’m sure these soaps would cure any stench.

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