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Trick Or Party Popper…?


Halloween does not resonate here like it does in the northern parts of the world. A shame in a way…because it is a fine excuse to have a bit of fun and the villains are always the most interesting characters. Two young boys appeared at our door this evening, both covered in white sheets with the holes cut out for eyes. They didn’t say much but had bags at the ready. We had some leftover treats including some party poppers (from last NYE) so it was nice to see the little eyes grow wide through the slits in the sheets. It was impossible to make out what they looked like. Initially, (due to their anonymity) I figured it a great opportunity for a Posterous entry but with mum waiting out the front, I thought better of being ‘that weird guy that gave my son a treat while capturing a pic on his iPhone’.
I did capture our small selection of treats and added a faint orange glow to fit in with the Halloween theme using ‘Snapbucket’.
Happy Halloween to my friends in Canada, the U.S.A. and other northern parts.

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Full Toned Pie


Today’s entry was completed in order to try out a new app recommended at the App Store. It’s called ‘Halftone’ and has a few interesting features that are easy to use.
We were at that stage where the fridge was quite bare but one half of the duo was able to concoct a delicious pie from bare ingredients. A nice end to the weekend.

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Perfect Orange


A brilliant night and an honour to attend for a dear friend. The venue is one I’ve visited once or twice, but never taken real notice of the soft orange tinge that is prevalent everywhere. A vignette and some added darkening brought out the richness.

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Sultry Grub…


The chips have to be golden. Some crunchy, some just right, and none soggy. It was humid and the rain was tumbling down in torrents. A late and quick dinner was needed. Fish and Chips are the only meal I can think of where it is amazing when you begin but you can feel horrid at the completion.
New folk seem to have taken over the local shop and although they offered one or two shining features, the chips were pale and soggy. Grim grub on a grim evening…

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Nature’s Scent…


Flowers and other plants in a vase on the table. A nice, fresh scent. It made me think about the many artificial fragrances on the supermarket shelves that we purchase to make our houses smell pleasant. There are natural options in the garden that do a fine job and cost nothing.
I hovered over the vase and let the camera focus itself. The iPhone is intuitive in the way it attempts to decipher what the central item of your pic is.

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Coloured Warnings


As simple as the sign is, it seemed to me to be the right choice and design for a primary school garden. The pic was taken at another primary school between Geelong and Melbourne. We have a lot of new gardening areas at our school that are tended to by helpful parents and some dedicated ‘enviro’ teachers and students. They do get trampled upon frequently and I think a friendly, colourful signpost would create more ownership and respect.
The things you think about with a stuffed head, blocked ears and swollen glands…

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Pills And a Polaroid Soother…


With some extra time on my hands this evening, I tried out all the cameras in the ‘Retro Camera’ app. I liked the image with the film strip because it added to the main idea of the proposed entry.
At the conclusion of my consultation yesterday, the young doctor told me to rest up, “do your normal thing” of Panadol, lozenges and fluids. Almost as if I was an ‘old hand’ at it all. A thing that is difficult to be proud of if it were a skill. The film strip border seemed appropriate seeing as I added some movie viewing to the doc’s list…

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