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Home Through The…Octagon Window?


Home from traversing the state and some more. Some of what needed to be achieved was done and some may need some more thinking at a later time.
‘Playschool’ came to mind when waiting in the car to disembark from the ferry this afternoon. A children’s show still kicking on the ABC today. Some darkening to accentuate the shapes and a subtle sepia tone to acknowledge the age of the memory. Old viewers will recognise the segment I am referring to…

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The Long Way Home…


One pic couldn’t seem to get across the journey that continued today. It started at sunrise on a beach (again) and concluded in a small hamlet with a cold glass and still waters. It can be busy trying to relax…

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Awash With Prints…


You rise early when camping in a tent. Rather than staring at the canvas ceiling, I pulled on shoes and walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise over the Tasman. A sight to behold and no mistake. Once the sun was well above the horizon and starting to thaw my hands, I set off along the sand. A series of footprints appeared and disappeared again as I walked. It made me think of our connection to the sea. People come to the sea of a morning to marvel and relax, but I think it runs deeper than that. Here is a place where we have little control or power. We are helpless to the volume and magnitude of a foaming sea. Even our meager footprints are washed away without a definitive sound or event. Perhaps this is a nice metaphor for washing away what is not needed inside one’s self. A cleansing if you like.
One of the best walks…

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A Sentinal Of Sorts…


The zoom mechanism on the iPhone was used seriously for the first time today.
We made small pilgrimages back and forth from Pambula Beach seeking out areas of interest. The idea being that whatever took fancy would suffice. Perhaps the pelican was an expression of what the day entailed; going somewhere unplanned or trying whatever seemed engaging at the time. The pelican took its time and seemed at ease. So did we…

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Prelude To The Road…


Today I travelled. I traversed parts of my home state that were foreign to me until now. The sun shone and the sky was blue. I saw small towns just stirring at the start of the day; tall, black trees bearing much regrowth; people paddling in cold Victorian waters; and an old friend on a journey.
But my favourite pic was my first for the day. Standing on a narrow ledge of the ferry as it took me from one peninsula to another. The sun rising over the rippling horizon. That’s just how it looked.

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Black And Bordered


Living near the same town or city for most of one’s life can make us take for granted what is around. It’s also possible to contemplate the fact that the town is dull. I think neither at this point in time.
But driving through the main crux of the town this evening provided an opportunity to give it a new tone and effect. Thus I am now living not far from a town that has intricate, black outlined constructions and the odd ghostly figure meandering past a transparent vehicle.

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Non Threatening…


A great day with the family today. The weather threatened a little but added a nice unique element to the ‘feel’ of the day. Some of the wineries around the area have stellar views, like this one. But the most enjoyable element of the day was the people and the kindness shown.

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