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Eating Early


When I was growing up, dinner always seemed to be at six o’clock sharp most weeknights. I can recall watching ‘Happy Days’ at 5pm, followed by ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ and then being called to the table at six. (That means I was watching channel nine…oh dear)
It became almost inbuilt that I would eat dinner around that time. When I started living on my own as an adult, it was difficult to accept that dinner could be eaten at any other time. It’s interesting how routines set by parents can stick with you. As the years go by, the more relaxed I’ve become. When living in Canada on university residence, most students were heading for dinner at 5pm. I found that too early at the time. These days, I still like to have a meal completed by eight o’clock if possible.
What is your nightly meal routine?

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Harold By A Hill


My students paid a visit to the Life Education van this morning. An actual van that was placed behind the building by a semi trailer last week. The van provides an interactive experience for the students targeting a range of human related topics from social well being to drug education. The draw card, for some of the students, being a hand puppet (sshh) giraffe called Harold.
It’s a slightly surreal experience being in the van. It’s quite an intimate space with not a lot of room. It is carpeted from floor to ceiling and contains dimming lights and interactive displays and movies. I’m not sure if it was the angle the van was parked on or not, but there was a feeling of slight vertigo when inside. It seemed that your balance had been knocked off kilter somewhat. From a nine year old’s perspective, I can understand that this could seem like entering a new world that is removed from the classroom in a kind of odd way.
From 3.30pm each day the van is locked and remains silent. It sits there quietly. It just felt right to capture a shot peering over the hill, not getting too close. Not wanting to disturb Harold…
Is it only Tuesday?


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Networking By The Track…


I’m not a betting man. I don’t have any interest in odds or the state of the track. It annoys me that the horses don’t have a choice.
But racing and gambling were not the reasons I stood alone, behind the glass, gazing out over Caulfield Racing Course this morning. An early arrival for the VITTA Annual Conference and Expo meant I had time to peruse the racing club. Later in the day @mrpbps and I dealt with some technical issues. Yet we managed to stir some engagement in the attendees in regards to social networking within the school setting.
I used Autostitch to put the pic together. And we post from a slow train heading south west carrying tired faces…

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A Lily With Well Being


The sun was warm and felt like it had a healing power today. Sitting in the yard reading, there was no interruption. A constant warmth on the neck and back. It is so much more noticeable after a dark, cold winter. The first few days that hint spring, can change how you feel for a time.
The Calla Lilly stood like a beacon all day, sometimes swaying gently in the afternoon breeze. Reminiscent of a small speaker or a mouth, it made for perfection with a HDR filter.


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Back Amongst It?


Commiserations. Looking ahead. Good company. Fine men. Thank you.

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Friendly Flame


Close friends, picking through the challenges and throwing out the arbitrary moments. By a fire with a cold glass. A book end of the highest quality…

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View To A Bell


Another musical themed pic this evening, albeit in a different environment with contrasting musicians. The view from a drum stool is always unique to the player. As a driver adjusts his/her seat to a particular distance from the pedals, so does the percussionist from stool to kit. Can I reach a cymbal comfortably? Are the foot pedals at the right angle for my feet to sit correctly? Can I make eye contact with the other band members from where I sit? Are the cow bells…wait a minute…cow bells? I see them as a much maligned percussion instrument. Yet an acquired taste and one only suited to certain moments in particular songs. These ones were used sparingly tonight, but possess a clean sound. A fun little soir??e rehearsal…

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