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Post Sun Morsels


We experienced the first day after many weeks of cold, where the temperature climbed above sixteen degrees. The sun shone freely and bugs and birds hovered around the garden. I took the opportunity to get out amongst the yard and tidy up a few areas. A solid few hours of mowing and weeding was on the agenda. With the sun beginning to set rather early as usual for this time, we caught the last few rays outside with a cold drink, a selection of tasty delicacies and some close friends.
Officially dubbed a ‘double bill’ weekend, the working week was put off quite nicely for all the right reasons.
Today I played around with the ‘Snapbucket’ app and chose a filter that seemed to suit the environment at the time of capture.

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Choose Your Axe, Stick Or…


The lounge room became a studio, rehearsal room, stage…a place to jam and experiment this afternoon. It was nice to be able to utilise a range of instruments and tackle a selection of songs from covers to originals. One thing that is important when making music is the comfort and ‘feel’ of the room. What I liked about today was the little ‘nooks’ and corners that were dotted with stringed instruments, percussive requirements and sheets containing chord progressions. A fine afternoon and evening with my people…

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Happy Hour In A Box…


Today’s entry provides a sneak preview of a small project being put together for one of my other blogs. It is also another addition to the audio/visual work being done with the students each week. But that is not the ultimate focus of this piece…
The teaching profession can provide one with so many different roles to cover. This week has been a fine example, but once again that is not the main focus of this post…well almost.
Life can provide the unexpected when a happy and professional collaboration is based on a desire to learn from others and see the delight in children’s faces as they manipulate technologies whilst working in teams. The extra bonus is sharing good, thoughtful company, a tasty beer and a laugh too. An excellent finish to the week. Stay tuned…


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Old And Used Spice


When cooking, there is nothing much more fun than choosing some tasty spices to add to a dish. Sifting through a spices collection is like poring over culinary memories as you recall why you purchased that celery salt in the first place! I find that I buy spices only when I have the desire to use a particular flavour. Thus it is difficult to keep track and remember what you need at particular times. I quite enjoy the surprise of rummaging through the labels and finding something you forgot you had.
Yep…nothing like spicing things up to tempt the taste buds and invigorate the senses.

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Underlying Pressure…


Slow water pressure in the kitchen sink meant I had time to play around with some more effects this evening as the suds rose. I quite like the shot of darker green where the water is hitting the surface.
Doing dishes has its moments. Some days it feels like there is all the time in the world, music is on and they are clean before you know it. Other times it is a complete slog with the feeling that you’ve had twenty people over for dinner. People now offer that “you’d be better off with a dishwasher”. It only feels like recently that they were evil contraptions that sucked precious water and sent your bill soaring. It seems that with recent rains and drought stories on the wane in the papers, the general population tend to change their opinions and advice for others. Just scrub…

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Interview History


The students are at the centre of interviews this week. They share a selection of goals and work samples with their parents. For times in the past it is quite a detailed affair for the students which leaves little time for parent/teacher interaction. This year there has been a pleasant change. An overriding detail that shone through today was the number of students talking about their school day at home. Many parents made mention of being quite up to speed with some of the learning experiences their children were immersed in. Welcome news indeed and more conformation about this particular group of little folk.
The pic shows the table set up and ready to go. A chance to use one of the CamWow effects to give it an historical look. After all, I usually set my table like this for interviews.

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Not Blue Monday…


Today was equal in its professional and social opportunities. A visit from a valued colleague in my PLN and a great response from my students on the day. Some excellent food, a few sneaky glasses, Elluminate discussion thrown in and a reflective time on the couch. Certainly not a blue Monday but a fine time to capture some blue off an empty glass and a boiled jug.

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