Noses Are Red…

27 Jun


Today’s pigeon hole check before school delivered an unexpected item. A foam red nose, still in its box. I spent the whole day thinking I’d missed the boat; that the boss had placed them in all the staff’s pigeon holes last week. Intent being that we would all get into the charity spirit. A closer inspection of the box revealed a name scribbled on the side in pen. The nose was to be delivered to a student from a parent.
On the way home in the car, a variety of topics flowed through the mind. Unless I’m singing, this is what tends to happen to me. Pigeon holes got me to mail, owls and an article I read on the weekend about the continuing Harry Potter phenomenon. When the first book was published and went crazy, a black market surfaced of people selling owls to demanding families who’s children wanted their own ‘Hedwig’. Then I drifted back to the red nose and the whole concept of charity. Charity helps those in need and a lot of good it does for sure. But I also pondered the motives behind some giving of charity. How many people in the world dish out charity for their own gratification or belief that they’ll be placed on a pedestal of goodness? Normally it is taboo to question motives in these areas, but sometimes I wonder…
All the same, I’ve donated to causes I have personal affiliations with and I see that as worthy and appropriate.
The filter on today’s pic created some cool colours with the shadows on the desk.

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