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Risen…Albeit With Age


Rattling cartridges arrived in bubble wrap today. This completes the resurrection and the SNES is back to its (somewhat) former glory. There was some noted rust in the old skills when they were put to the test after arriving home. Yet it was also like a small vault had opened in the brain…with a creak. Where does this information get stored? I found myself discovering hidden treasures and free lives without thinking too much about it. Eyes darted seamlessly across the screen and fingers moved with ease across the appropriate control buttons. Where did I hide and tend to this information? It’s like it had been packed away neatly and curated almost perfectly for when it was needed again.
I’d love to know if you have had the same experience when revisiting an old activity or hobby.


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For The Benefit Of…


Sometimes it takes a simple gesture or a lone moment to acknowledge a fact most welcome. Something that strips everything back to its basic level. A friendly reminder that there is a feeling of trust, safety, laughter and enjoyment for at least one small person. It took only a few sentences and was written away from where all other writing happens. But it said more than the mere words put together. On another day maybe it would not have the same impact, but today…it did.


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The Fog Of It All…


Fog is ever present in so many elements of fiction and reality that I’ve experienced. The rolling hills of Sleepy Hollow in Tim Burton’s film and the back streets of London where Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson traversed. Recording with the band in Hepburn Springs one year and driving back through the Wombat State Forest with a cloud sitting on the car bonnet. Walking out the front door today and looking out over the trees before joining the daily commute of beings.
I’ve added a soft black and white effect to ‘perfect’ this particular fog. There’s something calm and contained about walking out in fog. It feels like nothing can get through and that you’re away from it all, hidden…just for a time.


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Noses Are Red…


Today’s pigeon hole check before school delivered an unexpected item. A foam red nose, still in its box. I spent the whole day thinking I’d missed the boat; that the boss had placed them in all the staff’s pigeon holes last week. Intent being that we would all get into the charity spirit. A closer inspection of the box revealed a name scribbled on the side in pen. The nose was to be delivered to a student from a parent.
On the way home in the car, a variety of topics flowed through the mind. Unless I’m singing, this is what tends to happen to me. Pigeon holes got me to mail, owls and an article I read on the weekend about the continuing Harry Potter phenomenon. When the first book was published and went crazy, a black market surfaced of people selling owls to demanding families who’s children wanted their own ‘Hedwig’. Then I drifted back to the red nose and the whole concept of charity. Charity helps those in need and a lot of good it does for sure. But I also pondered the motives behind some giving of charity. How many people in the world dish out charity for their own gratification or belief that they’ll be placed on a pedestal of goodness? Normally it is taboo to question motives in these areas, but sometimes I wonder…
All the same, I’ve donated to causes I have personal affiliations with and I see that as worthy and appropriate.
The filter on today’s pic created some cool colours with the shadows on the desk.

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Lonely Memorial…


Thanks to the many deluges of rain we’ve had since the early part of the year; much of the countryside down our neck of the woods is green. Upon an afternoon drive we stopped at this lone soldiers memorial which is located next to a country railroad track and dirt road. We have driven past it many times without giving it much thought. It stands on one of the many vineyard routes one can take through this country. But today we stopped.
The air was fresh and all was still. It is quite an odd place to erect a memorial. In fact, nothing has been erected or installed. Just a sign bearing the name ‘Mannerim’ and a plethora of (what appears to be) native vegetation. Much of it is overgrown and slightly neglected. Why is it here? How long has it been there? Does it get visitors?
A google search which turned up some reference was abandoned due to other tasks at hand, but I intend to resume it this week.
A lonely memorial but situated in a safe, quiet area away from all of the world’s discord.

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Rippling Lemon!


Another entry from earlier in the year was about unripened lemons. This month the lemon tree has hit straps (so to speak). Lemons are ripening at quite a rapid rate. While completing a few jobs around the garden this morning, I picked a pile of the yellow fruit. This particular specimen was bursting with shape; almost like it had something else to offer besides its standard flesh.
In honour of the effort I put in to the post earlier, Colour Splash was used to keep the yellow glow.

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Nobody’s Paper…


Earlier in the year, an entry detailed the letterboxes outside the house and the confusion of the ‘post people’ when they delivered each day. Things have not improved too much and another issue has presented itself. Actually…it’s been there for the most part. The local community newspapers get hand delivered to each mail slot two to three times a week. The ‘no junk mail’ sign and the respective addresses do not deter he or she from placing a paper in every slot and every post ‘tube’. The neighbours don’t monitor things (why should they?) and the papers accumulate each week. I peruse them some weeks and place some in the recycling bin. There are a select pile that are gathering moss and mould behind the brickwork. If the lone mail slot is full, deliverers will simply jam the most recent edition in next to it creating a solid backlog.
As stated back in February, an odd setup indeed.

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