Choose Your Confusion…

30 May


Needing to drop by the supermarket for some necessities, I thought it time to continue my thoughts around the dominant chain.
The brightness of the medication and cosmetics/toiletry aisle is almost blinding. The choice of items is immense and the order in which they are positioned is like solving a difficult mathematical puzzle. Today I had an interesting conversation with a student. We were discussing mathematics and what she does at home to practice her skills. She said every now and then, her mother sends she and her sister to the supermarket (they live close by) to pick up some items. Their mum gives them a desired price range for each item and asks them to find the best possible product that fits their budget. A fine task, but a challenging one to complete in the neon bright confines of Woolies! My student and I discussed how cheaper items can be found towards the bottom of the shelves and the more expensive items ( and popular brands) are located in near perfect eye level position for an adult. She told me that despite this, her mother’s challenge is a tough one at the best of times.
Back to my shopping stint tonight…I discovered that my so-called knowledge of how they stack the shelves did not apply to the shower gel section. A mass of confusion indeed….Where’s mum when you need her?

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