Badge-less after 12…

03 May


She has weathered ferocious storms and withstood hail stones, been the target for innumerable blobs of bird excrement and cats crawling across her hood. She’s survived blown gaskets in Queensland, spurting brake fluid, exploding spark contraptions and major overheating on February 9th, 2009. Like a trooper, she’s carried the skins and stands time after time. She’s sat outside the Palais and the MCG, parked beside the Evelyn, the Northcote Social Club, Punter’s Club, Duke of Windsor, Revolver and the Tote. The old girl has even been tucked in a dark, menacing alley behind The Espy and had to idle at a traffic light in Fitzroy Street while its owner loaded into the infamous Joey’s Underbelly.
She’s harboured laughter, anger, tears, sleep and always great tunes.
Yet the question will always remain: did she come with the badge or was it ripped from her like a band aid from a healed wound in her first weeks with the second owner? She takes the answer with her.
Fare thee well ELL.

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