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A Bad Apple…


My students now know the routine. When they cannot access the wifi internet or the school network, it’s time to get the post-it note, scribble a message and put the MacBook aside.
I still don’t really understand the premise of purchasing MacBooks when they are used for anything but Mac-enabled software etc. We have three stations with Macs in our learning unit. There are fourteen laptops in each station. Yet never are there fourteen laptops functioning properly. The Mac interface does not connect to our school server or the WWW. The technician has placed a Windows interface on the machines so they can be used as PCs. This means the students can now connect to the internet but not always smoothly.
I still wonder…what were the original intentions behind purchasing MacBooks? Why didn’t we just order a bunch of Lenovo laptops if it was Windows we could only connect with? I have no strong ties to either. I just want machines that we can rely upon so students have the opportunity to investigate a range of software and web 2.0 tools without hitting obstacles that are out of their hands. So many of my lessons are ‘best laid plans…’ situations with this predicament.
Are you a school with one machine ‘masquerading’ as another?
I can’t help but think that the school purchased MacBooks just because they looked good in all the “21st Century Learning” promotional material.

Author’s Note: The spelling error was not mine but a real student example from today.


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Choose Your Confusion…


Needing to drop by the supermarket for some necessities, I thought it time to continue my thoughts around the dominant chain.
The brightness of the medication and cosmetics/toiletry aisle is almost blinding. The choice of items is immense and the order in which they are positioned is like solving a difficult mathematical puzzle. Today I had an interesting conversation with a student. We were discussing mathematics and what she does at home to practice her skills. She said every now and then, her mother sends she and her sister to the supermarket (they live close by) to pick up some items. Their mum gives them a desired price range for each item and asks them to find the best possible product that fits their budget. A fine task, but a challenging one to complete in the neon bright confines of Woolies! My student and I discussed how cheaper items can be found towards the bottom of the shelves and the more expensive items ( and popular brands) are located in near perfect eye level position for an adult. She told me that despite this, her mother’s challenge is a tough one at the best of times.
Back to my shopping stint tonight…I discovered that my so-called knowledge of how they stack the shelves did not apply to the shower gel section. A mass of confusion indeed….Where’s mum when you need her?

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Phonetic (Ph)Fudge!


Just uttering the word ‘fudge’ produced excitement when I was a kid. It can be said in a way that allows the consonant sounds to evoke the softness of the texture. Good fudge always seems to come from a little store or a market. I’d never buy it from a supermarket chain. Caramel was always my favourite, but this particular specimen contained swirls of chocolate too. Soft, creamy fudge reminds me of being young and dreaming of walking through Willy Wonka’s chocolate room.
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth anymore, but today I enjoyed sampling a few thin slices of local fudge.

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Ghostbusters was one of the first ‘adult’ films I saw…as a child. Now as an adult I rate it as one of my most favourite films.
The toilet gel ‘cap’ didn’t quite operate to expectations this afternoon. The sticky blobs on the bowl make it look like Slimer has dropped by and created some havoc. Everything smells fresh though…
The filter used comes from the ‘100Cameras’ app and has the name ‘All at once the ghosts came back.’ A happy coincidence! Nothing supernatural in the planning…


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Wander Amongst The Warm Glow…


We went for a special date dinner tonight. I don’t need to say much about it. Some circumstances don’t even need to be blogged. A vineyard almost on the back door step. Excellent wine, amazing food, polite service and a worthy wander around the engaging grounds was the night. The pics speak for themselves.

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One’s Shed…


I never thought there’d be a little shed out the back of the house where I could store a few things; the golf clubs, the lawn mower, fire barrel, some outdoor chairs and a selection of tools to make me look somewhat ‘handy.’ What is more, I honestly felt that I’d never have the need for a fridge out in this little shed.
A place to keep some frozen items is useful. Yet walking out in the frosty mist, past a few protruding vines, and into the old shed to open the fridge and extract a cold bottle to help whittle away the day actually…made the day. I recommend it.

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Looking Through Autumn…


The view from the windows where we returned to play some music together this evening. I don’t always notice the trees lining the college oval across the street. But with winter almost upon us, the leaves have turned a rich yellow and are falling by the minute. With a crossover filter running through it, the pic has almost become reminiscent of an old painting covering an autumnal theme.

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