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…the quicker the colder…


When I was living in Canada, the people I met and friends I made could not believe that we had ‘drive thru’ bottle shops. They couldn’t imagine their government giving the all clear to installing them over there. In that environment I could understand. Being far away from them made it feel like they weren’t needed. Yet the Canadians sell alcohol from most service stations!
But when you are back home, it just becomes another handy option. And even handier now with the quick one, two or six pack straight out of the open ice box.
Yet…it’s weird! Will they just appear in our back seat one day as we drive through…?

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Rear View Sun!


On the way back home this evening, I slowed down to attempt a shot through the rear vision mirror. The goal was to catch the setting sun before I headed down into the dale. Although the pic turned out okay, a cartoon effect turned it into a gloomy painting. Even better!

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Ghosts Of The Palais Past…


I’ve seen many gigs at the Palais Theatre in St. Kilda over the years. There’s such a good, solid atmosphere in there when it’s full with punters. The high ceiling, huge archaic window designs and tough old leather seats. Music has always sounded good here to me.
We caught Jethro Tull here this evening. Ian Anderson is a genius and one of the most interesting musicians and writers I’ve come across.
The colours in this pic worked a treat, except for the folk that walked by just as I snapped with the HDR app. Yet it gave them a ghostly fade which made me wonder…ghosts would fit right in at the Palais. What stories they’d tell and what songs they’d know!

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Squinting From A Fish Bowl…


Our teaching team sit around a huge table situated in the kitchen area of our flexible learning space when we plan together. Great space to work because everyone can communicate easily and spread their gear across the space. Due to the rather large amount of windows in the building, the sun plows through at many different angles at a variety of times. We chuckle at the many students that play just outside the many windows and look in at us from time to time as we plan or eat lunch. It’s a bit like we are fish in a giant fishbowl.
I tried to find the right colour and border effect to accentuate the ‘watery’ theme.

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Paying The Price For A Pittance!


Being back at work tomorrow meant I needed to stock up the fridge and larder. I wandered about the aisles with a loud trolley pondering the conglomerate that was this supermarket chain. Standing at the delicatessen made me mildly frustrated. So many shaved meats for rather steep prices. I recalled my time working in a delicatessen when studying. In the early days we would freshly shave and slice all meats. Each would sell for around the $10 a kilo mark, some lower when on sale. Towards the end of my time many meats started arriving in packets pre shaved, only needing to be opened and placed in the window. Prices by the kilo began to increase. And so it seems to have continued as I stood in front of the case this evening. Tough choice.
One for the ex punters: “Is ‘just under’ ok?”


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Quiet In Their Thousands…


I spend April 25th with my dad. It’s a special time that I cherish. We rise just before 5am and make the short journey from my parents’ abode to the cliffs at Torquay beach. We all know the legend and history of ANZAC. I respect it and that is why we have the day. The focus of my pic is the calm empathy and focus of the many thousands of folk that attend these dawn services. I could not think of any other event where so many different human beings walk together in a subdued state to a meeting point and stand together to watch the sunrise and pay respect to men and women that lived through horrific events to support (arguably at times) the ideals of our country.
I caught the sky just as it lightened with the Camera+ app. The tiny white spot at the top of the pic is a satellite or star in the sky. It was extremely bright and lit up much of the space around it.
Thanks dad…


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A Glass Of Rustic…


Autumn really is one of the best seasons for fresh, still late afternoons. We stopped at an old inn about ten minutes away for a moment. There we sat and watched the last of the wandering tourists make their way to a car, another cafe or into the glistening distance. The old rustic table with local ale made an interesting shot. I especially liked the shapes and colours in the glass and bottle after a light sketch effect was applied.

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