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Heavy as a bag of…well…spuds!


We get our potatoes from the lady’s father who grows and cultivates his own in abundance on his farm. We get loaded with two big paper bags of them after most visits. They keep well and are possibly the best spuds I’ve ever tasted. The texture is soft and floury every time. Tonight I cooked up a big mash with onion salt and regular seasoning through it. So hearty and a good set up for the week. Photoshop and ColourSplash helped to get the mouth watering at the start!

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Wall reading material!


I was out of town today and came across one of the more interesting restrooms I’ve ever encountered. We were having lunch at a groovy little restaurant and beer garden. After ordering more than one lemon, lime and bitters (one day of Feb Fast left) it was time to take my leave to the mens’. The four walls of the bathroom were covered with old comics and images from magazines that appeared to date back to the 60’s and 70’s. I figured somebody had taken absolute care and time to cover every inch of the space perfectly. The images ranged from old liquor advertisements to full nude spreads straight from Playboy. Questions would be asked of any male returning late to their table after witnessing these walls!
The pic takes in a section of the wall that I deemed safe for my blog. I used the ‘pop’ effect on PS Express to kind of recreate what it was like.

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Night in pasta!


I needed a quick meal tonight and an excuse to take a pic with the ToonCamera app. A quiet night in with a few films required a quick pasta and pre packed sauce. But I couldn’t help but add chorizo, mushrooms, capsicum etc. So easy that there was time to capture the colours. The heat from the stove provided some interesting shades of blue around the saucepans.

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That’s not a bear in there…


I stopped in at my family home after work today to fix up a few things on the folks’ computer. Prior to leaving I took a little wander in the backyard. I knew that this old koala was somewhere amongst the brush and eventually found it tucked between two pittosporum trees. This stone carving is almost a family heirloom. It used to sit atop a railing at the front stairs that lead to my grandparents’ front door. It reminds me of Christmas as a young boy, hearty school day lunches with nan and pa and one of the warmest places you could be. Let us hope it continues to be placed in the gardens of future generations.
I ran the pic through OldPhotoPRO to create the aged effect.

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A eucalypt bounty!


My favourite eucalypt tree in the yard has two major new sprouts protruding out of the base of its trunk. This tree has a fantastic bend in the main trunk which I never tire of glancing at when I’m out in the garden. Over the past two years or so I’ve cut these sprouts back. But this summer I let them grow to see what the progress would be like. Their leaves are many and possess a pleasant fragrance. They appear to be another eucalyptus tree growing out from the trunk. Can anybody verify this for me? I am also interested in how this process begins. Discussion and the odd comment appreciated!

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Tom, Tom and Tom in 3D!


I’ve been banging away at the drums and tackling a little percussion here and there since I was a young chap. At another Wednesday night musical rendezvous, I took the opportunity to try out the ‘3D Photo’ app. I like this app! The origin of the pic is the head of my tom or tom-tom drum. As a boy I always dreamed of having the biggest, most extravagant drum kit ever! This effect brings it to life somewhat. The skin is well worn and possesses a large smattering of black gaffer tape across it. This is to dampen the sound and take out the ‘boom.’ A cheap method and it seems to work.

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A life without chilli…


During January we finally got a little herb garden started outside the kitchen door. This excellent Thai chilli plant was a gift and over the past month has produced some fine specimens that have been added to many a dish.
Tonight I had a play with the ToonCamera app for the first time. This pic was taken earlier in the evening before I tried the app. The effect is apparent. However this app is able to take immediate pics with a toon style. Might try that later in the week!

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